Love You Lickey the Labrador®


  • Love You Lickey the Labrador® is a unique and interactive stuffed animal tickle game.
  • Includes a cute plush stuffed Labrador (Lickey) and a children’s book.
  • Lickey is soft and cuddly and can be snuggled and slept with, and the book is sturdy with thick pages and great illustrations.
  • Fun!  A parent or other loved one tickles their child with licks from Lickey all over the child’s body!
  • Provides an opportunity to get kids off of their devices, and kids can experience a unique, creative, interactive time with a family member or other loved ones.
  • A fun, unique way to interact with your little ones!
  • The end of the tickle game allows loved ones to express love to their little one(s).
  • Age:  Fun for any child who likes to be tickled!
  • 3-in-1 . . . a children’s book, a stuffed plush animal, and a game!
  • Tested for safety by an independent laboratory in compliance with safety standards required by federal law.
  • Creative, unique, screen-free family fun!
  • Great family game to play while at home during social distancing and coronavirus isolation.
  • Part of the Find Me Funzy Collection™ by Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC®.

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